Planning a Gay Wedding Tips

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What do I need to do legally?

Legal Steps When Planning a Gay Wedding

When planning a gay wedding, the first thing you need to do is ascertain whether you can be married in your own country and state, or whether you will need to go overseas. If you need to go overseas to be married by an official, remember that you can have your own ceremony at home. Check to see whether your local laws will allow gay marriage.

The next thing you need to do is apply for your marriage license. You may need several forms of identification for this and may have to complete a waiting period before the certificate can be issued.

Another important legal consideration is a pre-nuptial agreement. If the marriage is recognized in your home country, it means that all possessions owned by the couple will be divided equally in the case of a divorce. Talk to your partner and consult your solicitor for details of what you should do. It is also a good idea to discuss custody of pets and children at this time.

What traditions can we include in our lesbian wedding ceremony?

Lesbian Wedding Traditions

Having a gay or lesbian wedding doesn't mean you have to leave out the numerous small traditions that make a wedding a fun and touching event. Fun wedding traditions include the throwing of garters and a messy cake fight between the couple. Many customs involve draping a binding element over the couple as the vows are taken, symbolizing their union. Pieces of ribbon or necklaces are used.

Where can I hold a wedding ceremony?

Choosing the Ceremony Site

There are churches that will hold a gay or lesbian wedding ceremony, but you do need to seek them out. Start by asking at gay friendly churches you know of in your area, or consult local gay marriage support groups. These groups should be able to point you in the direction of a suitable venue.

If you do not wish to have a church wedding, but still want to capture some of that formality, local halls are usually available for wedding ceremonies. Look at open temples or shrines in your local parks, and investigate for nice spots in public gardens.

When planning a gay wedding ceremony in a public venue, always remember that you will need to consult local authorities for permission to hold a wedding there and to find out if you need to book.

Otherwise, think about holding your wedding in a place that has significance for you and your partner. This is a way to begin your life together in remembering what your relationship means to both of you.

How much time should I put aside?

Time Allotment When Planning A Gay Wedding

Planning a gay wedding takes a significant amount of time. It is recommended that you begin action on your plans at least one year ahead, and allow one day a week for wedding planning.

Strangely, the small things involved in planning a gay wedding are the ones that may end up taking the most time. While finding a venue and a celebrant may take only a phone call, finding gay and lesbian rings can take several months.

What are some ideas for a gay wedding cake?

Gay Wedding Cakes

The most important thing about your gay wedding cake is that it suits your tastes. Although the traditional wedding cake is made of cake and flavored icing and insides, many bakers provide a huge range of options that will allow you to construct your cake out of whatever you choose.

One important thing to keep in mind is the number of portions you allow. Large wedding cakes are traditionally used, but if you choose something creamy as your base cake it will spoil if not immediately eaten. One way to solve this problem is to provide just enough cake to go around.

In decorating the cake, consider gay wedding cake toppers. A wide range of gay wedding cake toppers have been springing up in recent years and come in cute styles that will make opposite-sex couples a tad jealous.

The traditional fruit cake and stodgier cakes like mud cake have an advantage over others in that they will keep for several weeks. Couples choosing a fruit cake not only can have the cake prepared and waiting weeks ahead of time, but can feast on their gay wedding cake on their first anniversary.

How do I make my wedding different?

A Unique Gay Wedding

One way to make a gay wedding different is to add an element of gay pride to the plans. There are many companies now that provide services specifically focused on gay or lesbian weddings, including gay wedding invitations, decorations, venue ideas and gay rings. Keep a look out for unusual stores in local gay street press, or ask your favorite stores for the names of their product suppliers. Everyone loves a wedding, and is sure to be helpful.

Is there some way to make planning a wedding less stressful?

Gay Wedding Planners

When planning a large wedding, consider hiring a gay wedding planner. Wedding planners make the whole event a lot less stressful and will often have a large range of contacts to get you great deals. It is important when choosing a gay wedding planner to make sure they suit your style, otherwise you will spend a lot of your time vetoing suggestions before coming to a compromise.

If a gay wedding planner is too much for your budget, consider getting a friend to help with your gay wedding planning. The help of a friend will still lower the stress factor, and an outside pair of eyes can help when attempting to plan an entire event.

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