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What sensual jewellery is available as lesbian accessories?

Sensual Jewelry

It is common knowledge that the female body is a very sensual entity, but few people recognize jewelery as an opportunity to explore that sensuality. Luckily, the broad-mindedness of gay culture allows lesbians to explore the sensual possibilities in gay and lesbian jewelery. Instead of piercing yourself with a real nipple ring, a couple can use non-piercing nipple clasps. These clasps gently clench the nipple with their closures, holding it slightly erect. Nipple clasps come in designs meant to look like piercings, or in a full-areola circle that covers the areola and decorates the breast. For those who can withstand the thought of piercings, tongue barbells are the perfect lesbian accessories. Just make sure that the barbell is not too big and has no sharp edges!

Are there any top-of-the-line designers making gay jewellery?

Designer Gay Jewelery

With the increase of gay marriage and commitment ceremonies, gay jewelery is in more demand than ever before. Designers are recognizing this by designing first-class gay jewelery pieces, from gay and lesbian engagement rings to gay watches and necklaces. Designs also include dual engagement/wedding rings, with a female or male symbol on each ring designed so the same-sex symbols interlock, providing a strong symbol of the couple's commitment to each other. Designer pieces also include gay necklaces, with many designers offering designs used in rings in a gay necklace as an alternative to rings as symbols of commitment. Pieces use precious metals with classic design elements or stainless steel for contemporary, sophisticated designs.

What are the alternatives for gay and lesbian engagement rings?

A Different Engagement Present

Designers are now providing a wide range of gay and lesbian rings for commitment ceremonies and gay weddings. Two rings, designed to interlock in the pair, can be used for one couple, as a symbol of their connection. Other designs incorporate the gay pride rainbow flag, embedded in gems in the ring, or the gay pride triangle set into the ring. Options are available for couples who don't wish to use the traditional symbol of a ring but do want to wear some symbol in gay jewellery. Tasteful gay necklaces and pendants are available, frequently using designs available from the same designer in a ring.

Is there any way I can show gay pride in everyday jewelry?

Gay Pride Jewelry

Most gay jewelry designers offer pieces that use the colors of the gay pride rainbow flag in their pieces. Rings, in silver or gold and in delicate designs or heavier for the thicker hand, feature gems in the six colors of the gay pride flag. Other designs make use of the gay pride triangle, using the rainbow coloring for larger pieces such as pins and pendants, or as a feature in a ring, with a triangle-cut gem inset. Also, a broader range is now available in gay earrings, with designers making use of the double-female or double-male symbols in precious metals in sophisticated designs.

How do I show codes in my choice of gay jewelry?

Gay and Lesbian Jewelry Codes

Codes through gay jewelry are not only a way to show gay pride but an easy way to signal to others what you are interested in. In a dark club, a simple piece of jewelry can signal to the like-minded what you like and what sort of person you are; alternatively, incorporating codes in gay jewelry in your every day life is a way of expressing yourself and pride in gay culture. Options range from the loud and public declaration - with bright, rainbow-coloured pendants, connected mars symbols, triangles (up or down), bears, whips, sexual forms and messages – to something intended only for potential lovers, like a tiny teddy bear charm on a nipple piercing.

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