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What gay wedding vows are there?

Gay Wedding Vows

There are a wide range of vows listed on the Internet, including vows specific to gay weddings. The Union of Love also has a directory of wedding services for you to use.

Many religions, if they do not allow the marriage service for gay weddings, will have a service to bless a same sex union. Check your options with your chosen church, or ask your celebrant.

Many couples choose to write their own vows, or recite a favorite piece of poetry. The advantage of this is that it adds a very personal element to the commitment you are making, and uses the opportunity to show your feelings to all those gathered to witness.

Where do I go for a lesbian wedding dress?

Lesbian Wedding Dresses

Bridal magazines have a plethora of ideas and styles to show for wedding dresses, but lesbian couples face some tough decisions when deciding on their wedding clothes. The tradition of a bride wearing a white dress has its roots in heterosexuality and ideas of virginity, but at the same time designs have evolved to make any female body look princess-level beautiful. Lesbian fashion offers the option of a wedding suit for partners who want to avoid a wedding gown.

What is involved in a gay wedding ceremony?

Gay Wedding Ceremonies

The gay wedding ceremony has not been around long enough to develop any traditions of its own, so couples need to choose whether to make use of existing wedding ceremony traditions, and decide which ones are appropriate for them. Most churches conducting gay wedding ceremonies will offer a gay wedding service that is similar to but distinctive from opposite-sex wedding ceremonies.

What sort of wedding clothes should we have?

Gay Wedding Party Wedding Clothing

Although it is important to reflect your style as a couple through your wedding clothes, if you have bridesmaids, groomsmen or other wedding party members it is important to keep their styles in mind when choosing wedding clothes. There is nothing worse than being a member of a wedding party when the couple insists on specific wedding clothes.

Choosing a color or set of colors for members of your wedding party to stick to, or buying them gay accessories to wear with their own chosen outfits, is a way to let your friends choose for themselves while keeping to your desired style.

Will I be able to have my gay wedding in a church?

Church Ceremonies for Gay Weddings

Although many religions have expressed disapproval of gay marriage, there are sections of most religions that have taken a stand in supporting gay marriage through providing gay wedding ceremonies.
Couples should ask at their local church for information on whether they can have their union blessed. The Metropolitain Community Church, Baptist and Anglican churches have a general approval of gay marriage in most Western countries. Some Jewish Rabbis will also bless same-sex unions.

What sort of decorations should we involve in our ceremony?

Gay Wedding Decorations

The rise in gay marriages has resulted in retailers offering more in terms of decorations for the wedding ceremony. Today, there is a range of options for gay couples to choose from when deciding on wedding decorations. Stores either specialize in gay design, or have gay designs available in tablecloths, centrepieces, confetti, balloons and other decorations.

What traditions should we follow?

Gay Wedding Traditions

Gay couples are in a position to pick and choose among wedding traditions from various cultures. Couples should investigate the wedding traditions of their ancestral cultures, and make a list of general traditions they would like to include.

Some traditions will appeal to all couples, such as the kissing of your new spouse, and the introduction of the newly married couple to their gathering of friends after the ceremony. Traditions that will reinforce the magnitude of the commitment a gay couple is making will help to demonstrate why marriage is so important to gay couples.


How to Choose the Best Person to Officiate a Gay Marriage Ceremony

Marriage is a wonderful thing. The ceremony is beautiful and meaningful for the couple. There are so many different types of ceremonies it is hard to determine where to start. Choosing the officiate who will preside over the ceremony is something every couple must think about. Getting someone to perform a gay marriage doesn't have to be difficult.

To find the right officiate for a gay wedding ceremony, one only has to look at the faith of the couple before venturing forth. Jewish couples might have to do a large search, but in the end there is a Rabbi who will perform the ceremony and be proud to do so. The ceremony will not necessarily be orthodox, but it will be a ceremony to remember for the couple. For those couples who practice an alternative faith, such as Pagan, there are priests, priestesses and celebrant who can perform a handfasting without much fuss.

Baptist couples can have a regular ceremony just like any other couple. There is doctrine now available for same-sex couples to be married in the Baptists church. As members of the Anglican church same-sex couples can have no fear walking the aisle. It's easy to do a search for the right church to have a marriage ceremony in. Being Agnostic or Atheist doesn't come with complications on where to have the ceremony or who should preside. A justice of the peace can help those couples be fully entranced in wedded bliss in no time. Always make sure of the legal ramifications of the state before proceeding with the ceremony.


Advice on Writing Stellar Same Sex Wedding Vows

It's a beautiful day for you and your same-sex partner, as you will finally join together in wedded bliss. Whether you're with another woman or a man, you still need to write vows that will link you and your partner together through better or worse. You may find that you want to tailor these vows a little differently than most heterosexual couples' expressions would be. Regardless of your approach, you should follow these five suggestions for vow writing.

  • Prepare ahead of time – Just like with any speech that you would give, you will want to have plenty of time to sit down and create the perfect vows. Planning a wedding can be very stressful, but you do need to take the time to think about your vows throughout the process.

  • Write from the heart – Just like any couple, you two are in love. When you finally sit down to write your vows, let your heart do the talking and your hand the writing. Speak honestly about what you love about your partner and how excited you feel to spend your life with him or her.

  • Don't be afraid to get help – If you get stuck at any point while writing, ask for help. Maybe you have a writer friend who can get you out of a jam. Perhaps you can speak to your partner's friends, siblings, or parents to get ideas and inspiration.

  • Memorize the vows a little – You don't have to have every word memorized verbatim, but you should have the bulk of the sentiments down pat. This way when you recite your vows, you can focus on your partner and look into their eyes.

  • Enjoy the process – Lastly, you should enjoy writing your vows. You should be overflowing with good to say about your partner, and vice-versa. It should be a joy to pull together all of what you love about him or her into a small speech.

What fashion options do I have as a gay groom?

Gay Groomswear

Gay grooms have a huge range of options from mainstream suit companies and gay fashion stores. Mainstream suit companies can provide the traditional options of morning suits, tuxedoes and contemporary suit designs. Gay fashion stores usually offer a funkier range, using designs from various cultures to suit your specific style.

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