Advice on Writing Stellar Same Sex Wedding Vows

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Advice on Writing Stellar Same Sex Wedding Vows

It's a beautiful day for you and your same-sex partner, as you will finally join together in wedded bliss. Whether you're with another woman or a man, you still need to write vows that will link you and your partner together through better or worse. You may find that you want to tailor these vows a little differently than most heterosexual couples' expressions would be. Regardless of your approach, you should follow these five suggestions for vow writing.

  • Prepare ahead of time – Just like with any speech that you would give, you will want to have plenty of time to sit down and create the perfect vows. Planning a wedding can be very stressful, but you do need to take the time to think about your vows throughout the process.

  • Write from the heart – Just like any couple, you two are in love. When you finally sit down to write your vows, let your heart do the talking and your hand the writing. Speak honestly about what you love about your partner and how excited you feel to spend your life with him or her.

  • Don't be afraid to get help – If you get stuck at any point while writing, ask for help. Maybe you have a writer friend who can get you out of a jam. Perhaps you can speak to your partner's friends, siblings, or parents to get ideas and inspiration.

  • Memorize the vows a little – You don't have to have every word memorized verbatim, but you should have the bulk of the sentiments down pat. This way when you recite your vows, you can focus on your partner and look into their eyes.

  • Enjoy the process – Lastly, you should enjoy writing your vows. You should be overflowing with good to say about your partner, and vice-versa. It should be a joy to pull together all of what you love about him or her into a small speech.



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