Planning a Same-Sex Wedding Tips

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How can I save money on my gay wedding?

Money for the Marriage

We can't all have a grand spectacle of a wedding befitting our favorite celebrities. Most weddings in America cost around $30,000, but there's no reason why you can't stay under that budget with a little planning. Sit down with your partner and go over exactly what type of wedding you both want to have. This will largely determine how much will need to be spent. Keeping your day simple or "borrowing" services or locations from friends can also help cut costs. for example, does your friend own an amazing piece of property where you could have your wedding? Perhaps one of your friends owns a flower shop or a catering business. Ask around; you'd be surprised the talents that may emerge. And they can even offer their help as your wedding gift, which makes everyone happy!

What should we wear for our gay wedding?

Suiting Up

Dress? Gown? Suit? What you wear at your wedding is one of the more important decisions you and your partner will make. As is the case with every other aspect of your plans for your big day, sync up with your partner about your attire.

You may not wish to wear the same outfits (although some couples certainly do), but there should be some kind of uniting theme between them -- even if it's a matching corsage or boutonniere. While some lesbian couples for example may choose to have a traditional gown and tux pairing, this is by no means expected. Have fun with your wedding day attire, and above all, make sure you're comfortable!

How should I propose to my same-sex partner?

The First Step

Get engaged! Propose to your same-sex partner with real flair by taking him or her to a spot that means something to you both. If you're a private couple, choose the place where you met or had your first date. Better yet, whisk him/her away to a gay-friendly bed and breakfast for the weekend and propose during brunch or while enjoying the sunset. If you're more outgoing as a couple, pop the question at a gathering of friends and/or community members. Truly active couples may even wish to make a proposal right after a gay community meeting or event. However you choose to get engaged, make it a story worth telling ... and retelling.

What kinds of vows ahould my same-sex partner and I exchange at our wedding?

What to Say

Wedding vows are an often-overlooked but vital part of your same-sex ceremony. Decide in advance if you'd like your officiant to suggest sentiments for you both to share or if you'd feel better reading something personal. Perhaps you feel comfortable "winging it" and speaking from the heart when the moment of vow exchange comes. However you choose to approach it, don't neglect to discuss it with your partner as part of your wedding planning. The moment that you share your thoughts with each other in front of your family and friends is a moment that all will remember.

Where should I have my gay wedding?

The Where of it All

Now you know that you're getting married, but where are you going to hold the ceremony and reception? Why not choose a public place like a park, botanical garden, or even your favorite restaurant? Choosing a restaurant is also a great way to save money on catering and any drinks costs, since many offer package deals for private parties. You can also contact your local gay and lesbian community center. Oftentimes you can find resources for wedding sites through them, as well as a list of gay-friendly businesses that can assist with everything from catering to flower arrangements.

What kinds of gifts should my partner and I ask for at our gay wedding?

Give the Gift of Charity

Particularly for older couples getting married, there is no real need for a(nother) set of wine glasses or silverware. Instead, many gay couples opt to receive gifts from friends and family in the form of donations to one or several of their favorite gay-friendly charities.

You may already donate to one or more of these charities, so you can continue with a gift contribution to them or choose a few new ones by doing research on the Internet for LGBT organizations that are in need of funding.

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