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What options are there besides gay and lesbian wedding rings?

Marriage Symbols Other Than Rings

A ring is an immediately recognizable and traditional symbol of legal commitment, but it isn't always convenient to wear a ring. Some professions make rings dangerous to wear, and some people find rings irritating or painful.

One option is to wear gay or lesbian wedding rings on a chain around the neck. This way, the ring is always visible, and the traditional cultural recognition of being married is still available. However, the giving of any piece of jewelry from one partner to another is also a traditional symbol of commitment. Giving your partner a special necklace, bracelet or even a piercing is still a sign of the commitment and love you share. The design and style of the piece is the most important element of symbolizing your commitment to each other.

What is the symbolism behind a ring?

Wedding Ring Symbolism

The exact origin of the symbolism of wedding rings has been lost in time. Here are some traditions and customs adapted over time through different cultures that will help you understand the symbolism of the wedding ring:

  • The symbol of the circle means timelessness, wholeness and, for marriage, continually renewed love and commitment. Circles also represent the sun and moon, which are associated with male and female elements in the universe.
  • The use of gold and silver, associated with sun and moon respectively, is another way of incorporating elemental masculine and feminine energies into the marriage symbol.
  • Wearing the ring on the third finger of the left hand may be a Roman custom, as Romans believed that a vein in that finger ran directly to the heart.
  • The practice of both partners wearing a ring is a relatively recent one, beginning with American marketing campaigns in the 1920s. Before then only women wore wedding rings.
  • The Celtic Claddagh ring can be worn by unmarried and married people, symbolizing the need for love and loyalty in general, with the direction of the heart indicating whether or not the person is married.
  • The Gypsy wedding ring, of three interwoven rings, symbolizes faith, hope and love.

Where do I go for a ring?

Where to Find Gay Wedding Rings

There is currently a wide selection of gay wedding bands available. Gay and lesbian wedding rings range from the traditional and classic to contemporary gay pride designs. As more gay couples seek out marriage or commitment ceremonies, the demand for gay wedding bands has meant designers of gay jewelry can afford to advertise. Keep a lookout in gay culture magazines, street press and mainstream beauty magazines for gay jewellery designs. Mainstream wedding bands are also worth consideration. Most mainstream wedding rings are designed along classical lines if a traditional wedding ring appeals.

How do I choose a ring?

Choosing a Gay or Lesbian Wedding Ring

If you are choosing your wedding or engagement ring as a surprise, take notice of the types of jewelery favored by your partner to get an idea of the style they prefer. Also note which types of jewelery you think look good on your partner. But, as always with an important purchase for someone else, make sure to keep the receipt in case you made a mistake.

Designers are providing a large range of gay and lesbian commitment rings. Designs include gay symbols, such as intertwined same-sex symbols, gems in the colors of the rainbow flag or the gay pride triangle, or take a more traditional turn. Custom wedding rings are also an option.
If the perfect ring is elusive, a custom wedding ring is the perfect way to incorporate symbols of your relationship in your personal style. Many designers are happy to customize gay and lesbian commitment rings.

Conventional vs contemporary rings?

Choosing Between Conventional and Contemporary Rings

The choice between conventional and contemporary when choosing gay wedding rings may be a difficult decision. As wedding rings are worn every day, it is important to find a wedding band that has a style that appeals and sends the message you want.

An advantage of conventional wedding rings is that they are immediately recognizable -“ one look at a gold band on the wedding finger assures that the wearer is married. However, gay wedding rings also symbolize your commitment to being united as a gay couple. Featuring gay symbols, such as the gay pride triangle or the Venus or Mars symbols, is a way of publicly expressing pride in being in a committed gay relationship.

Where do I go for gay and lesbian wedding rings?

Where to Find Gay and Lesbian Wedding Rings

A wide range of gay and lesbian wedding rings is available either through designers of gay jewelry or in conventional jewelry stores. Conventional jewelry stores are providing more options for wedding bands as people move away from the traditional plain gold band, using symbols from various cultures and artful designs. Designers of gay jewelry use conventional designs, contemporary designs and the incorporation of gay pride symbols to provide a range of specifically gay and lesbian wedding rings.

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