Marriage Symbols Other Than Rings

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What options are there besides gay and lesbian wedding rings?

Marriage Symbols Other Than Rings

A ring is an immediately recognizable and traditional symbol of legal commitment, but it isn't always convenient to wear a ring. Some professions make rings dangerous to wear, and some people find rings irritating or painful.

One option is to wear gay or lesbian wedding rings on a chain around the neck. This way, the ring is always visible, and the traditional cultural recognition of being married is still available. However, the giving of any piece of jewelry from one partner to another is also a traditional symbol of commitment. Giving your partner a special necklace, bracelet or even a piercing is still a sign of the commitment and love you share. The design and style of the piece is the most important element of symbolizing your commitment to each other.



6/17/2007 1:50:56 PM
Gay Divorsee... after 16 years said:

My partner and I are splitting up after 16 years.

I don't want to wear my band on my finger any more.

I'm looking for a way to wear it as a necklace, but can't find any good examples to model mine after.

Any internet image suggestions?


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