Choosing a Gay or Lesbian Wedding Ring

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How do I choose a ring?

Choosing a Gay or Lesbian Wedding Ring

If you are choosing your wedding or engagement ring as a surprise, take notice of the types of jewelery favored by your partner to get an idea of the style they prefer. Also note which types of jewelery you think look good on your partner. But, as always with an important purchase for someone else, make sure to keep the receipt in case you made a mistake.

Designers are providing a large range of gay and lesbian commitment rings. Designs include gay symbols, such as intertwined same-sex symbols, gems in the colors of the rainbow flag or the gay pride triangle, or take a more traditional turn. Custom wedding rings are also an option.
If the perfect ring is elusive, a custom wedding ring is the perfect way to incorporate symbols of your relationship in your personal style. Many designers are happy to customize gay and lesbian commitment rings.



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