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Gay Weddings California

Instagram: @gayweddingsca

Gay Weddings California posts often to this Instagram. You can browse through all sorts of sweet and intimate images of gay weddings, including the kiss, eating wedding cake, and exchanging rings.

Gay Weddings Minnesota

Instagram: @gayweddingsmn

Gay Weddings Minnesota is an Instagram account that features plenty of gay marriage photos. This professional account ought to provide inspiration for any same sex couple.

Happy Together Weddings

Instagram: @happytogetherweddings

Happy Together Weddings posts plenty of sweet gay wedding pictures on this Instagram. You can enjoy pictures of proposals, marriages, and casual shots of same sex couples.

14 Stories

Instagram: @14stories

14 Stories is the Instagram account of a gay wedding planner. You can see plenty of snaps of same sex couples tying the knot with this account.

Equality Destinations

Instagram: @equalitydestinations

Equality Destinations is a company that wants to help gay wedded couples find the ideal place to take their honeymoon or future vacations. The account features stunning pictures of fun destinations interspersed with touching shots of couples.

Leah Moyers Photography

Instagram: @leahmoyersphotography

Leah Moyers shows off her professional photographs on this Instagram. She documents weddings of both opposite and same sex couples, providing a sense of equality.

Cutest LGBT Couples

Instagram: @cutestlgbtcouples

This Instagram focuses on a variety of same sex couples, showing sweet and romantic images. Among them are beautiful shots of weddings.

Gay Travel Information

Instagram: @gaytravelinformation

If you want information for destination travel sites along with pictures of happy same sex couples, then check out Desiree Sousa's Instagram. You will find all of that and more here.


Instagram: @gayweddingphotographer

This Chicago-based photographer takes pictures of gay weddings. Although the account is limited, you can still enjoy the few emotive pictures snapped.

All You Need Is

Pinterest: @leeleemokwi/all-you-need-is

This Pinterest takes its name from the Beatles lyric "all you need is love." It focuses predominantly on gay marriage and equal rights for those in a same sex relationship.

Gay Marriage, Equality, Freedom to Marry, Benefits

Pinterest: @obama4me2/gay-marriage-equality-freedom-to-marry-benefits

This Pinterest account by Kelly Jacobs pushes strongly for equality. The board is filled with quotes about gay marriage and its symbolism.


Pinterest: @martyal/equality

As the name suggests, this account pushes for equality no matter the gender of the couple. You can expect to see lots of inspirational quotes about diversity, love, and how gay marriage should be accepted.

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Pinterest: @hopeforme/can-t-we-all-just-get-along

This Pinterest by Valerie Rohrig doesn't focus exclusively on gay marriage, although that is a large part of the images that you'll see. Expect plenty of inspirational and powerful quotes and messages here.

Love…Just Love

Pinterest: @lschott6369/love-just-love

This board by Lea Schott shows same sex couples of many races and ages. It proves that love is love regardless of gender.


Pinterest: @nkcmel/equality

Melanie Brown's account has a large variety of images that explain why same sex marriage is natural and should be more widely accepted. You can also see quotes and fun images, like a celebration of the fact that New Jersey passed gay marriage.

Gay Pride

Pinterest: @franciecg/gay-pride

Frances Gross runs this board, which celebrates states that pass gay marriage mandates and tries to push for more gay marriage equality. You can expect plenty of inspiration here.

Gay Marriage

Pinterest: @courtneeyjanee3/gay-marriage

This Pinterest by Courtney Thornton shares a large amount of quotes that any same sex couple can appreciate. This board also fights against inequality.


Pinterest: @howardthegay/lgbt

Howard runs this board, which both celebrates gay marriage and pushes for more equality at the same time. Same sex couples with enjoy the infographic on how states allowing gay marriage has doubled.

People- Marriage Equality

Pinterest: @brandonwolf/people-marriage-equality

This page's tagline is a quote from Charlize Theron "Marriage equality is about more than just marriage. It's about something greater. It's about acceptance." That theme rings true throughout.


Twitter: @LanceAndJeff

Lance and Jeff are married, and they're fun to follow.

Gay Marriage Watch

Twitter: @gaymarriagewatc

Gay Marriage Watch, operating from Northern California is co-owned by Purple Unions and Marriage Equality USA, and has more than 47,000 followers.

Gay Marriage Rights

Twitter: @GayMarriage

Gay Marriage Rights is a very popular news source for gay marriages.


Twitter: @tlrd

Towleroad is one of the most popular Twitter accounts with information on gay marriages, political issues related to gay rights and gay celebrities.


Twitter: @GayMarriageUSA

With more than 37,000 followers and more than 4,000 tweets, this Twitter account lives up to its name

Good as You


This contemporary blog brings updated information to its readers as it pertains to what the government is doing to give gay marriages a chance.

The Republic of T


The Republic of T is run by a man some would describe as philosopher, and he discusses gay rights issues from a broad perspective.

Gay Rights Watch


Gay Rights Watch has updated news on gay issues related to marriage.

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