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What do the colors of the gay rainbow stand for?

Colors of the Rainbow

So you have a piece of gay jewelry with a rainbow on it. Ever wonder what the colors of the rainbow stand for? Besides the fact that the rainbow depicts the unity of gays and lesbians across the world, here is the symbolic breakdown of the rainbow colors from red at the top to purple at the bottom:

  • Red: Life
  • Orange: Healing
  • Yellow: The Sun
  • Green: Nature
  • Blue: Harmony
  • Purple: Soul. (This stripe is sometimes replaced by a black stripe to honor masculinity or leather pride.)


Lesbian Bling?

It's not news that a lot of women love to wear jewelry. And lesbians are no exception! Lesbian jewelry is a popular purchase these days in that it not only looks good, it relays to all the world the pride in your life choice. Perhaps an outward symbol of your love will be to wear a bracelet that features interlocking female insignias -- the universal sign of lesbian love. More subtly, you can choose the gay pride rainbow emblazoned on any number of jewelry items from rings to earrings and more. However you choose to display your pride, you can find a number of incredible selections at

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