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How can I show gay pride with my clothing?

Wear a Message

Combine fashion with a message: Wear T-shirts that show your gay pride. We're not talking about your typical pride Ts that feature rainbows and pink triangles (although there's nothing wrong with that!). Gay pride T-shirts today are designed with an eye toward real style, and have been developed to integrate seamlessly with your sense of modern fashion. Try a trendy "Coexist" T-shirt that spells out the word with symbols of different religions and lifestyles. Or show your pride by purchasing clothing from gay-friendly designers that show off all your assets!

What significance does the number 1138 have?

The Number

Did you know there are 1138 rights and privileges afforded to married Americans? By the same token, these same rights and privileges are denied to gay and lesbian partners who seek legal status as married couples. Now, the 1138 Collection features that very important number on a range of accessories from bracelets, pendants, and earrings. Show your support of the cause by wearing and sharing these items.

Not sure where to find them? Shop for exclusive access to these high-end accessories. They make great gifts for yourself and loved ones!

What is a good gay pride key ring to buy?

The Key to Gay Pride

It may seem a bit cliche, but a great gay pride gift is a high-quality key chain that expresses your sexuality. Titanium key rings, for example, are solid and durable. Not to mention classy! Place your keys on one of these key chains designed by former Air Force Captain Reichen Lehmkuhl -- part of his Fly Naked line.

Bonus Tip: For a really meaningful token, why not present a spare set to your apartment on this prideful key ring and give it as a gift to that special someone in your life?

Can Titanium be used for jewelry?

Man of Titanium

Forget your typical gold and silver accessories. Gay men can up the fashion ante by wearing solid titanium jewelry. This metal lends not only sleek style and class to whatever form it takes -- from rings to bracelets to cuff links -- but titanium also has a reputation of strength. You want your accessories to be strong, and wearing them gives you and your partner an air of strength as well.

Not sure of the right occasion to give or wear this sturdy metal? Titanium jewelry is ideal for gift-giving all year long. You can also choose titanium rings for commitment ceremonies and anniversaries, too.

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