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WHat are good ideas for lebian wedding gifts?

Lesbian Wedding Gifts

Depending on your friendship with the couple, a nice way of celebrating a lesbian wedding is to give the couple a gift that caters to their sensual side. Ideas for lesbian gifts can include massage oils, aromatherapy, silk sheets, matching robes or anything else that might make the couple feel special.

Books on the female body, sensual yoga and the lesbian body also make great lesbian gifts.

Should I use a registry when planning a gay wedding?

Registries for Gay Weddings

Registries are a good way to provide gift ideas without ruining the element of surprise or adding pressure to your guests. It is always good to remember that not everyone has unlimited financial resources, so ensure the gifts you choose for your registry start at a low price. Even if friends do not find something that suits on your registry list, they may use the list to provide inspiration, so include a few ideas that are generic.

In some cases, a traditional registry is not ideal. In this case, it is an easy task to quickly set up your own gay wedding site. Find a company that will provide free or cheap web hosting, use their site-driven wizards to design your site, and direct friends to it in their wedding invitations. Free websites can be set up surprisingly quickly and are an inexpensive way to let friends know what you would like.

What are some more interesting gay marriage gifts?

Quirky Gifts

A quirky gift is more likely to stand the test of time than traditional gifts and will stand out. Quirky gift ideas include heart-shaped oven gloves, interesting bathroom sets and kitsch tea-towels.

Gay pride gifts also help to recognize the step gay couples take in marriage. Consider incorporating the gay pride flag into a set of linen, or merchandise from TV series like "Queer as Folk" or "The L Word".

What are some alternatives for gay wedding gifts?

Alternatives to Gay Wedding Gifts

Some couples already have everything they need, and more gifts would only add more clutter to their lives. A good option to consider is making a charitable donation in the couples name name. Some charities offer services aimed to appeal as gifts, with notification of what your donation will do, from buying books for a local school, sponsoring a child or planting a certain number of trees. Another idea is to provide a service to the couple. If you are a member of a profession, think about whether the couple would benefit from your services if you were to donate some of your time. Thinking up alternatives for gay and lesbian gifts will not only ensure that your present is a memorable one, it will guarantee that you are making your friends' gay wedding day that bit easier.

What do I get my partner?

Romantic Gay Wedding Gifts

Becoming engaged or approaching a gay wedding calls for a very special present, but for some couples, the traditional jewelery gifts are simply too traditional. Celebrating a gay marriage is a time to cement your love and pride in your relationship and in gay culture, and your wedding present should reflect this.

Designers of gay jewelery have recognized the need for distinctive gay jewelery by incorporating gay pride designs, colors, and even inspirations from gay culture like the hit television show, Queer as Folk .

What can I get my friends to show them I support their lesbian marriage?

Showing Support for the L Word

Weddings are a time to cement not only romantic relationships but also family and friendships – and lesbian weddings are an ideal time to demonstrate pride friends and family feel when lesbian couples put 'the L word' in legal terms. While traditional wedding gifts are always appropriate, you can give a gift that recognizes the uniqueness of a lesbian marriage. Such gifts include lesbian artwork or books on the lesbian body. A framed photo or album of photos recording your friendship will help remind your friends that your friendship is solid, even after they take their relationship to a new level.

What do I get people for gay wedding presents?

Gay Wedding Presents

Now that your gay friends are officially taking the plunge into marriage, think about what they need as a couple before buying the traditional gift. Do they really need another toaster? Consider what your friends already have in their home, and how your gift can be valuable to them in years to come.

Ideas for long-lasting gifts include vases, crystal, linen and art. Specifically, gay gift ideas can help to signify the different and important step your friends are taking – think about books or texts of gay culture, or a piece of gay jewelery that can act as a heritage piece for their family.

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