Registries for Gay Weddings

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Should I use a registry when planning a gay wedding?

Registries for Gay Weddings

Registries are a good way to provide gift ideas without ruining the element of surprise or adding pressure to your guests. It is always good to remember that not everyone has unlimited financial resources, so ensure the gifts you choose for your registry start at a low price. Even if friends do not find something that suits on your registry list, they may use the list to provide inspiration, so include a few ideas that are generic.

In some cases, a traditional registry is not ideal. In this case, it is an easy task to quickly set up your own gay wedding site. Find a company that will provide free or cheap web hosting, use their site-driven wizards to design your site, and direct friends to it in their wedding invitations. Free websites can be set up surprisingly quickly and are an inexpensive way to let friends know what you would like.



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