Gay Wedding Presents

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What do I get people for gay wedding presents?

Gay Wedding Presents

Now that your gay friends are officially taking the plunge into marriage, think about what they need as a couple before buying the traditional gift. Do they really need another toaster? Consider what your friends already have in their home, and how your gift can be valuable to them in years to come.

Ideas for long-lasting gifts include vases, crystal, linen and art. Specifically, gay gift ideas can help to signify the different and important step your friends are taking – think about books or texts of gay culture, or a piece of gay jewelery that can act as a heritage piece for their family.



4/29/2015 10:06:17 AM
Loredana said:

Some friends of ours recently got married and they were given a gift certificate for a special anniversary sundial that is designed to sit on the window sill and make rainbows in the room when the sun shines. They had it made for their apartment and had a special date line added for their special day that the time shadow follows on their special day each year. I thought it was a really thoughtful gift, something that they can enjoy for a lifetime. I'm not sure what the little glass sundial was called, but it can probably be found online...I was over there the other day and it was making the most beautiful colors!


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