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How should I wear a T-shirt and still be fashionable?

The T-Shirt

The T-shirt. When it comes to fashion, it could very well be a lesbian's best friend. T-shirts are versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on what trousers you pair it with. Choose crisp clean white T-shirts for dressier outfits (along with tuxedo trousers, for example). Invest in a few choice novelty Ts for more playful outfits. And what about the classic "wifebeater"? Those are great, too, particularly in ultra-casual scenarios or when you're out hitting the clubs.

T-shirts are great to wear under vests or suit coats. Just pay attention to the fit of the shirts; you don't want to look sloppy. Fashion is about celebrating your body and your life. Something as simple as a T-shirt can do wonders for your look.

As a lesbian, how should I wear a tie?

Tie-ing it Up

Androgyny is the easiest way for lesbians to assert their fashion style. While wearing a man's white shirt with a tie was an easy dress code in the 1980s, it takes a little more finesse these days to pull off the look without looking out-of-date.

First, wear a fitted white shirt. Yes, one designed for women. You no longer have to assert your masculine side by wearing men's clothing. Own your womanly curves and play them up by getting a shirt that fits you properly. Select a tie that complements your features. The best bet for most is a solid-colored tie of medium width. Keep it slightly loosened, and open the first button of the white shirt to soften the look. Pair all this with jeans and nice boots or shoes, and you have a modern look that shows pride and style.

What is a trendy lesbian hairstyle?

Lesbian Hairstyles

Long gone are lesbian mullets, thankfully. These days, if you want the hippest lesbian hairstyles, have a look at popular lesbian shows like "The L Word." What seems to be the biggest trend right now is the long shag. Playfully butch, but not over the top, the long shag seems to offer the best of both worlds. It works great for the office as a business-appropriate look, but can also be spiked and teased a bit for nights out and casual encounters after hours. The best part about this cut is that it's easy to maintain. Who wants to spend hours in front of the mirror primping, anyway? The long shag is as easy as wash and go, with a little run-through of gelled fingers before you leave to separate the layers. Easy and sexy.

What are some lesbian footwear fashions?

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

An old joke is that you could identify a lesbian by her footwear. Comfortable shoes equalled gay woman. While to some extent this is true today -- you don't often see lesbians decked out in stiletto heels -- there is no reason why lesbian women can't be fashionable with their footwear. From sexy cowboy or biker boots to toe-revealing sandals, there are plenty for fashion-forward gay women to choose from. Trends to avoid are anything that stereotypes you as butch. Unless you're working on the farm or a construction site, stay away from steel-toed workboots!

How should lesbians wear leather?

Lesbians and Leather

A sure-fire way for any lesbian to look hot is to wear leather. The big mistake a lot of women make, however, is to pile on too much of a good thing. Unless you're about to step onstage to perform with your rock band, an overdose of leather clothing is a fashion faux pas.

Instead of wearing a leather jacket with leather pants, choose one or the other. Leather jackets look great when paired with a T-shirt and jeans. Leather pants can be dressed up with a silk shirt, or dressed down with a novelty T-shirt or tank top.

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