Tie-ing it Up

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As a lesbian, how should I wear a tie?

Tie-ing it Up

Androgyny is the easiest way for lesbians to assert their fashion style. While wearing a man's white shirt with a tie was an easy dress code in the 1980s, it takes a little more finesse these days to pull off the look without looking out-of-date.

First, wear a fitted white shirt. Yes, one designed for women. You no longer have to assert your masculine side by wearing men's clothing. Own your womanly curves and play them up by getting a shirt that fits you properly. Select a tie that complements your features. The best bet for most is a solid-colored tie of medium width. Keep it slightly loosened, and open the first button of the white shirt to soften the look. Pair all this with jeans and nice boots or shoes, and you have a modern look that shows pride and style.



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