Sensual Jewelry

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What sensual jewellery is available as lesbian accessories?

Sensual Jewelry

It is common knowledge that the female body is a very sensual entity, but few people recognize jewelery as an opportunity to explore that sensuality. Luckily, the broad-mindedness of gay culture allows lesbians to explore the sensual possibilities in gay and lesbian jewelery. Instead of piercing yourself with a real nipple ring, a couple can use non-piercing nipple clasps. These clasps gently clench the nipple with their closures, holding it slightly erect. Nipple clasps come in designs meant to look like piercings, or in a full-areola circle that covers the areola and decorates the breast. For those who can withstand the thought of piercings, tongue barbells are the perfect lesbian accessories. Just make sure that the barbell is not too big and has no sharp edges!



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