Gay Wedding Cakes

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What are some ideas for a gay wedding cake?

Gay Wedding Cakes

The most important thing about your gay wedding cake is that it suits your tastes. Although the traditional wedding cake is made of cake and flavored icing and insides, many bakers provide a huge range of options that will allow you to construct your cake out of whatever you choose.

One important thing to keep in mind is the number of portions you allow. Large wedding cakes are traditionally used, but if you choose something creamy as your base cake it will spoil if not immediately eaten. One way to solve this problem is to provide just enough cake to go around.

In decorating the cake, consider gay wedding cake toppers. A wide range of gay wedding cake toppers have been springing up in recent years and come in cute styles that will make opposite-sex couples a tad jealous.

The traditional fruit cake and stodgier cakes like mud cake have an advantage over others in that they will keep for several weeks. Couples choosing a fruit cake not only can have the cake prepared and waiting weeks ahead of time, but can feast on their gay wedding cake on their first anniversary.



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