Legal Steps When Planning a Gay Wedding

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What do I need to do legally?

Legal Steps When Planning a Gay Wedding

When planning a gay wedding, the first thing you need to do is ascertain whether you can be married in your own country and state, or whether you will need to go overseas. If you need to go overseas to be married by an official, remember that you can have your own ceremony at home. Check to see whether your local laws will allow gay marriage.

The next thing you need to do is apply for your marriage license. You may need several forms of identification for this and may have to complete a waiting period before the certificate can be issued.

Another important legal consideration is a pre-nuptial agreement. If the marriage is recognized in your home country, it means that all possessions owned by the couple will be divided equally in the case of a divorce. Talk to your partner and consult your solicitor for details of what you should do. It is also a good idea to discuss custody of pets and children at this time.



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