A Brief Hisory of Lesbian Fashion

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What were lesbian fashion trends of the past?

A Brief Hisory of Lesbian Fashion

Over the last few decades, lesbian fashion has evolved considerably. Here's a brief overview of what you might have seen gay women wearing in order to show their pride:

1960s-1970s: Androgyny ruled. In keeping with the anti-patriarchal sentiments of the day, women chose trousers and masculine shirts over dresses and skirts.

1980s: The suit was "in" for both gay and straight women, but lesbians owned their look with a sleeker style than the prettified versions straight women wore.

1990s: Music played a huge influence on lesbian style in this decade -- from grunge flannel to slick rock and roll styles.

2000s: As lesbians become more a part of mainstream society, their choices in attire have become broader. Gay women today are as comfortable in designer pantsuits as they are in the more masculine street styles defined by past eras.



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