Lesbian Health Topic: Breast & Gynocological Cancers

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Are lesbians at a higher risk for cancer?

Lesbian Health Topic: Breast & Gynocological Cancers

Just like any other woman, a lesbian must take care of her breast and gynecological health. However, many lesbians over 40 years of age do not get regular mammograms, have clinical examinations, or even perform self-examinations on their breasts. This fact increases risk of cancers and other health problems among lesbians. A simple way to reduce the risk of breast and gynecological cancers is through routine check-ups with your OB-GYN or gynecologist. See him/her once a year for pap smears, mammograms (if you're over 40; get clinical breast exams under 40), and screenings for STDs. Many infections can be treated if discovered in an early stage.



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