Churches Willing to Perform Gay Marriages in Canada

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Which churches will perform a gay marriage in Canada?

Churches Willing to Perform Gay Marriages in Canada

There are many churches in Canada that will perform gay marriages, including the Unitarian Church of Canada, the United Church and MCC. Although same-sex marriage is not supported in orthodox religious tradition in Judaism, Reform Judaism allows Rabbis to bless same-sex unions in a synagogue. The text does not use the words 'wedding' or 'marriage' in the vows.

For a non-religious ceremony, it is important to know that Canadian law prohibits marriage commissioners from including references to religion in the ceremony.

The Anglican Diocese of New Westminstier, which is located in British Columbia , began to allow its churches to bless same-sex unions. Although this was good news for Canada gay marriage, it resulted in bishops from Africa , Asia and Latin America cutting off relations with the diocese.



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