Divorce Rates for Gay and Heterosexual Marriages

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What are the divorce statistics for gay and heterosexual couples?

Divorce Rates for Gay and Heterosexual Marriages

Gay marriage has not been legalized long enough to establish gay divorce gay marriage statistics. In opposite-sex marriages, divorce rates vary from country to country, although in the West statistics are usually taken to be interchangeable.

In a 2005 study it was found that 60 % of all opposite-sex marriages in the US ended in divorce in the first decade and 80 % in the first 20 years. The divorce rate has been on the decline sine 1980, with 40% of all marriages ending in divorce in 1980, reduced to 31 % by 2002.

The religious views of an area will have an affect on divorce rates. Divorce rates are low in Muslim communities, but are on the rise. In Singapore recently the divorce rate has risen.

The divorce rates of opposite-sex couples may not necessarily give any indication of divorce in gay marriage. Gay couples, having had to struggle to be married, exhibit a strong sense of commitment to each other and to marriage. Different religious and social pressures also apply to gay couples, which may affect divorce rates.



9/11/2007 1:19:32 PM
Dr. Jamie Meaux-Price said:

The 60% divorce rate among heterosexual couples is very inaccurate. I have studied in Sociology and thus found out that the media is wrong about that statistic. Just because 2.2 million people are married in the same year that 1.1 million people get a divorce it does not mean that it is 50% divorce rate for that year. Actually Sociologist have studied this rate among all of the states. All of the states have ranged between 2.3%-6.8%. This is a very common misconception of most people.

9/14/2009 1:36:37 PM
serbaceous said:

dis is so nasty dnt do this it is not right.


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