Cost of Gay Wedding

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How much money will it cost?

Cost of Gay Wedding

A gay wedding can be anything from a registry ceremony and a small party to a formal, lavish event, but there are certain costs involved you should always bear in mind.

The first is administration fees. Getting a marriage license and hiring someone to perform the ceremony are essential costs that can be larger than you bargained for, particularly if you are not getting married at home.

Travel costs, accommodation for yourselves and your witnesses and the loss of wages for time off work should also be taken into account.

There are a number of small costs that can also build up. Weddings are stressful events, so make things easy for yourself. Read up on articles for same sex marriage that give advice. Keep a budget for worst-case scenarios such as extra taxi fares, expensive meals, last-minute purchases of shoes, and any other small items that you might need.

If you are holding a reception, make sure to find out exactly what your preferred venue will provide. Venues that provide music or entertainment help to reduce costs. Sometimes a venue that charges a price per person to provide food and alcohol will be more expensive than going to your favorite bar and hiring a caterer. If hiring a wedding specialist, ensure that they are providing a discount for the amount of custom you are throwing their way.

Remember, while a wedding day is important, it is also important for a couple to start their married life together on a sound financial base. It is not worth getting into debt for a gay wedding that is, essentially, just one day in the rest of your lives together.

When planning a large gay wedding, keep in mind that on top of reception venues and band costs, gifts, clothing, the honeymoon and wedding rings all need to be provided for.



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