Gay Wedding Reception Ideas

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Where should I have my reception?

Gay Wedding Reception Ideas

Your reception venue is the main way to establish what sort of wedding you are holding and, in some ways, what sort of relationship you and your partner have. Many couples choose to use a reception centre that specializes in weddings. The advantage of such a center is that you don't have to worry about decorating, arranging seating, and often can easily arrange food and alcohol. A disadvantage is that you end up have a reception similiar to every other couple.

Another option is to organize everything yourself. This will involve finding a venue, hiring caterers, hiring bar stock and staff, finding musicians and organizing decorating and seating. This can be stressful, so be sure to organize things very early on.

If you have a favorite restaurant or bar, consider asking them to hold your reception. This will mean your reception reflects the kind of couple you are, is in a place you like to be, but doesn't involve as much work as hiring a venue, caterers, music and staff separately.

Review articles on same sex marriage for creative ideas on where to hold your reception.



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