States That May Ban Gay Marriage in the Future

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What states may ban gay marriage in the future?

States That May Ban Gay Marriage in the Future

There are various legislations in the works to ban gay marriage in several states in the future. These states would have a gay marriage amendment in their constitutions, explicitly stating that gay marriage is unconstitutional. This is a more drastic move than amending marriage legislation to state that marriage is between opposite-sex partners only.

In 2007, Minnesota and North Carolina may re-introduce legislation for a gay marriage amendment that has so far failed in the state's Senate. California, Iowa, Indiana, Florida and Massachusetts have legislation up for consideration in 2008, and Pennsylvania in 2009.



6/25/2011 9:08:45 AM
alisha said:

good step for gay people, but there is important things to do like our economy and inmigration reform. dont spend the time.


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