Countries That Are For Gay Marriage

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What countries are for gay marriage?

Countries That Are For Gay Marriage

Countries that perform gay marriages as of 2006 include:

  • The Netherlands (legalized in 2001)
  • Belgium (2003)
  • Spain (2005)
  • Canada (2005).
In the United States , only Massachusetts (2004) allows gay marriage. People who are not residents of Massachusetts and whose home state prohibits same-sex marriage cannot be married there.

Same-sex marriage is to be legalized in South Africa by December 2006. Estonia is discussing the possibility of legalising gay marriage. Ireland does not allow gay marriage, but a couple married in Canada and seeking to have their marriage recognized will have their case heard in October 2006.

Some countries have been forced to allow gay marriage due to judicial appeals. As of 2004, Aruba, as part of the Netherlands, recognizes same-sex marriages performed in the Netherlands. In Austria, where it is likewise not legal, in July 2006, an Austrian male-to-female transsexual was granted the right to legally change her gender to female while remaining married to her wife, indirectly setting a precedent for same-sex marriage.



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