Federal vs. State Laws Concerning Gay Marriage

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Is gay marriage legal in the United States?

Federal vs. State Laws Concerning Gay Marriage

in 1996, the United States government passed the Defense of Marriage Act. This act explicitly defines marriage as a union of one man and one woman. As a result, no portion of the federal government recognizes same-sex marriage legally. However, existing marriage laws in certain states are separate from the federal laws. This means that the Defense of Marriage Act does not necessarily have to apply in certain states. They are able to define marriage as they deem fit. The result is that certain states in our union have passed states laws recognizing same-sex marriage, although these marriages are still not recognized by the federal government.



5/24/2011 12:49:47 PM
kristina rainbow pride said:

i think that it is bad the that passed a law like that and they pose to be for the people by the people. i mean i am with a girl and i love her and we a thinking about getting marrried and having kids but now a law is sayin that i cant be happy because i am not inlove with a men. it is unbelievable. Some people that are against gay marriages need to think about how they would feel if they were in our position.


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