Canadian Provinces and Legal Gay Marriage

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When did the provinces of Canada legalize gay marriage?

Canadian Provinces and Legal Gay Marriage

Canadian law has established the legalization of same-sex marriages nationwide. However, some provinces and territories came to it at different times. Here is the chronological time line for nine provinces and/or territories, prior to the national legalization of gay marriage:

  • Ontario: 10 June 2003
  • British Columbia: 8 July 2003
  • Quebec: 19 March 2004
  • Yukon Territory: 14 July 2004
  • Manitoba: 16 September 2004
  • Nova Scotia: 24 September 2004
  • Saskatchewan: 5 November 2004
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 21 December 2004
  • New Brunswick: 23 June 2005



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