The First Step to Gay Divorce

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What is the first step toward a gay divorce?

The First Step to Gay Divorce

Once you and your same-sex partner have decided that your marriage is no longer working and a divorce is inevitable, you'll need to take the first step to dissolving your union. Both members of the couple must be living in the same state where the union was established. Wherever you first submitted your certificate for civil union, go to (or contact) that town clerk to request a divorce certificate.

Bonus Tip: Many local town clerk offices will allow you to download a divorce certificate from the Internet, so be sure to search online to save yourself the added step.



4/18/2009 2:49:47 AM
Felisha said:

How do you divorce if you went somewhere to get married and now need a divorce but dont live in that area?

6/28/2011 3:44:44 AM
Debra said:

So my wife and I have a California marriage license. Now we seem to need a Mexican divorce (except, of course, we rather doubt Mexico would recognize the marriage). We are not California residents, and neither of us is able to establish legal residence there. Our state does not recognize our marriage. Any suggestions?


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