Condoms for Lesbians?

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How can I make a dental dam?

Condoms for Lesbians?

Dental dams are rectangular latex sheets used most often by dentists during certain oral procedures. Unpunctured, they can also be used to prevent the spread of STDs during oral sex and/or analingus.

But where can you get them? Apparently drug stores carry dental dams, but in the event you can't find any (this writer couldn't, last she checked.), there are alternatives. One of the easiest ways is to make your own, using a condom.

  1. Unwrap the condom.
  2. Using clean scissors, snip off the tip of the condom.
  3. Stick the scissors through the condom and cut, making an incision up the middle of the condom.
  4. Unroll the condom and place against the body area (vagina or anus).
Bonus Tip: Always use a new dental dam every time, whether you switch vagina to anus, anus to anus, or vagina to vagina. Keep one side of the dam toward the body, and the other toward the face. Never switch sides.



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