How to Have A Canada Gay Wedding At Home

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How do we get all our family to Canada for our gay wedding?

How to Have A Canada Gay Wedding At Home

It is not always financially possible for families to join a couple for a wedding overseas, and as so few countries will perform a gay wedding, gay couples face a choice between a family-less ceremony or huge costs.
Although families may not be able to be present at a foreign wedding ceremony, the formal signing of the marriage document is only one part of the wedding tradition, and not the oldest part by far. The tradition of a public wedding evolved so that the individuals getting married could be presented to their community as a united entity. Couples facing travelling overseas for a gay wedding should consider dividing the wedding in half, treating the formalities as a registration and the homecoming celebraton as the emotional half of their wedding.
Using video footage of the formal ceremony and saving sections of the ceremony - such as the exchange of vows or gay wedding rings - for home is another way to involve family in the couple's Canada gay wedding.



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