When to Organise for Gay Weddings

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When should things be organised?

When to Organise for Gay Weddings

It is important to have a timetable for your gay wedding and follow it in order to ensure you are reasonably stress-free on the big day.

After you announce your intention to be married to friends and family, create a guest list, define your budget, and decide on a short list of venues and celebrants. It™s a good idea to look at articles on same-sex marriage around this point, to give you a basis of knowledge of what to do. Research the legal requirements you need to fill, and start looking for the perfect wedding ring.

With a few months to go, book caterers, photographers and musicians, arrange wedding clothes, plan your song list and book your honeymoon.

Around a month before the wedding day, arrange a rehearsal dinner and finalize all of your other arrangements including hotels and meals.



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