Laws in Spain

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What are the laws in Spain?

Laws in Spain

Spain approved gay marriage in 2004. Requirements for same sex marriage in Spain are roughly the same as for opposite-sex marriage:

  • If you have been divorced or are widowed, you need to show proof, such as a death certificate, or divorce decree.
  • They must have the Apostille (official seal) of the Hague and be translated into Spanish.
  • Couples applying for a gay marriage license need to show their original birth certificates and passports as well as a Consular Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage from their home country's consul in Spain . This is a sworn statement that certifies both partners are free to marry.
  • Other documents required are an application to marry, a Consular Registration Certificate, a Certificate of Residence, a Certificate of Consular Inscription.
In some areas the traditional posting of bans must also be observed, which is usually a period of some weeks to allow protests against the marriage to be filed. Spain has a waiting period of 21 days once the marriage license has been approved.



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