Unmarried Gay Relationship Split

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What if my partner and I split up, but aren't married?

Unmarried Gay Relationship Split

Gay culture has a history of relationship ending without the guidance of family statutes and law courts. This means there are resources in gay culture that you can use to settle your break-up amicably and without the need to approach the authorities as with gay divorce.

Gay couples do not necessarily have the same rights as heterosexual couples when it comes to de facto, or common law, relationships, as committed cohabiting relationships are normally called. Likewise, a partner in a de facto relationship does not have the same rights as a spouse in a marriage when the relationship breaks up. It may not be possible to access an equal split of assets in these cases.

One important difference between the break-up of a de facto relationship and a civil union or marriage is the consideration of future needs of partners. De facto partners may not get maintenance payments from their partners, and those who have looked after the home and children may not receive consideration for the work they put in to the partnership.

Investigate your local laws to find out your options. If no other options are available, civil courts are a good last resort to resolve a civil dispute.



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