Anti-Gay Marriage

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Who is against gay marriage?

Anti-Gay Marriage

It is surprising how many people are anti-gay marriage, and what their reasons are. Some consider themselves open-minded, but think of marriage as an inherently heterosexual institution. Many do not understand why gays and lesbians want the right to be married, or how it affects their lives.

People from all sections of society have spoken out against gay marriage. Groups opposed to gay rights also argue against same-sex marriage - i n the 1980s the British Conservative Party was persuaded by such groups to enact a law to ban public schools from "promoting homosexuality" or endorsing same-sex marriages.

Some famous people who have spoken out against gay marriage include President George W. Bush and Pope John Paul II. Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his capacity as Governor of California, vetoed a bill to allow gay marriage and said he believed that same-sex marriage should be settled by the courts or another vote by the people via a statewide referendum.



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