Gay Marriage Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any way I can show gay pride in everyday jewelry?

Are there any top-of-the-line designers making gay jewellery?

What sensual jewellery is available as lesbian accessories?

How do I show codes in my choice of gay jewelry?

What are the alternatives for gay and lesbian engagement rings?

What are the arguments against gay marriage?

Who is against gay marriage?

What are the laws against gay marriage?

What states in the US are against gay marriage?

What history does anti-gay marriage have?

What countries are against gay marriage?

What countries are for gay marriage?

What countries have tried to support gay marriage?

What countries allow same-sex civil unions?

What churches support gay marriage?

Why should gay marriage be legal?

How do I show support for gay marriage?

How do I choose a ring?

Where do I go for a ring?

Conventional vs contemporary rings?

What is the symbolism behind a ring?

What options are there besides gay and lesbian wedding rings?

Where do I go for gay and lesbian wedding rings?

Why should I adopt?

What are the arguments against gay adoption?

What countries allow same-sex adoption?

How do I adopt?

What happens if one of us dies?

What happens if my partner and I split up?

What are the procedures to get divorced?

What happens to our assets?

What happens to our pets?

What happens to our children?

What are the gay divorce rates?

Is marriage counselling an option in a gay divorce?

What if my partner and I split up, but aren't married?

What is the debate on gay marriage?

What is the history of the gay marriage debate?

What is a civil union, as opposed to marriage?

What will happen in the future?

What are the current president's views?

What big events have happened?

Why do people care about gay marriage?

What do I get my partner?

What do I get people for gay wedding presents?

Should I use a registry when planning a gay wedding?

What are some alternatives for gay wedding gifts?

WHat are good ideas for lebian wedding gifts?

What are some more interesting gay marriage gifts?

What can I get my friends to show them I support their lesbian marriage?

What sort of wedding clothes should we have?

What sort of decorations should we involve in our ceremony?

What fashion options do I have as a gay groom?

Where do I go for a lesbian wedding dress?

What traditions should we follow?

What is involved in a gay wedding ceremony?

What gay wedding vows are there?

What ist the history of gay marriage law in the US?

What do we get from getting married?

What are the laws in the UK?

What countries ban gay marriage?

How do we go about getting married once we have approval?

What are the laws in Canada?

What are the laws in Spain?

What does gay marriage entitle couples to?

What are the gay marriage laws in the US?

How do I register for gay marriage?

What attempts have been made to ban gay marriage in America?

Will my marriage be recognised in the US?

What states may ban gay marriage in the future?

What states currently ban gay marriage?

Which churches will hold a gay wedding?

Where do I get the rings from?

Should I book ahead?

Where should I have my reception?

When should things be organised?

How much money will it cost?

Where do I get support?

What do I need to do legally?

How do I make my wedding different?

What are some ideas for a gay wedding cake?

Is there some way to make planning a wedding less stressful?

How much time should I put aside?

Where can I hold a wedding ceremony?

What traditions can we include in our lesbian wedding ceremony?

What are the divorce statistics for gay and heterosexual couples?

How many children will have gay married parents?

Where does the concept of marriage come from?

What are the marriage rates for same-sex and opposite sex couples?

What countries allow gay marriage and what are their laws?

What are the gay marriage laws in American states?

What happened with gay marriage in San Francisco?

Will it be legal at home?

How do I organise it?

Will they marry anyone?

How long has gay marriage been legal?

Which churches will perform a gay marriage in Canada?

Can my gay partner become a Canadian citizen if we're married?

How do we get all our family to Canada for our gay wedding?

What is the reasoning behind arguments against gay marriage?

Why do rights groups argue that banning gay marriage is discrimination?

What are the rules for gay adoption world wide?

Does Canada offer gay divorce?

Exactly what happened with San Francisco gay marriages?

What is the difference between defining marriage and banning gay marriage altogether?

Will I be able to have my gay wedding in a church?

What about the argument that gay marriage will destroy regular marriage?

Can Titanium be used for jewelry?

How can I show gay pride with my clothing?

What is a good gay pride key ring to buy?

What significance does the number 1138 have?

What was so important about the show, "Queer as Folk"?

Are there any gay coupes on daytime dramas?

Is there jewelry inspired by Queen?

What is QTN?

What is Logo?

What is "homohop"?

Who are some gay, lesbian, and/or bisexual musicians?

What is the number one tip for safe anal sex?

How often should I get tested for HIV?

How can I find a gay-friendly doctor?

What is an anal pap smear?

What is Hepatitis?

What drugs are most used in the gay male community?

Are lesbians at a higher risk for cancer?

Why are lesbians often heavier than heterosexual women?

Where can a domestically abused lesbian go for shelter?

How can I make a dental dam?

What do the colors of the gay rainbow stand for?

How do I begin my gay adoption search?

Where can gay coupes adopt children?

Do my gay partner and I need an adoption lawyer?

What is an adoption home study?

Does my adopted son or daughter need a mantor of his/her same gender?

What does an adopted child need to feel safe?

How do gay couples divorce?

Are there gay marriage counselors?

What happens to children in gay divorces?

What is the first step toward a gay divorce?

Who arranges to serve gay divorce papers?

What are the grounds for gay divorce?

When did canada legalize gay marriage?

When did the provinces of Canada legalize gay marriage?

How did the legalization of gay marriage in Canada begin?

How does immigration factor into gay marriage in Canada?

Are there gay marriages in the Canadian military?

Where are the most gay marriages in Canada?

What benefits would gay couples have if they could marry legally?

Is gay marriage legal in the United States?

Which are the states in the U.S. that recognize same-sex marriages?

Which political parties support gay marriage in the U.S.?

Which politicians and parties support gay marriage in the U.S.?

What is the Mercury Phoenix Trust?

What is the GMHC?

What is the AGLP?

Is there and advocacy organization for gays in the federal government?

What is GLAAD?

Is there an organization for retiring gays and lesbians?

What is the IGLHRC?

What is the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force?

How should I propose to my same-sex partner?

Where should I have my gay wedding?

How can I save money on my gay wedding?

What kinds of vows ahould my same-sex partner and I exchange at our wedding?

What kinds of gifts should my partner and I ask for at our gay wedding?

What should we wear for our gay wedding?

How should lesbians wear leather?

As a lesbian, how should I wear a tie?

How should I wear a T-shirt and still be fashionable?

What is a trendy lesbian hairstyle?

What are some lesbian footwear fashions?

What is the religious stance on gay marriage?

What are the traditional arguments against gay marriage?

What are the issues surrounding gay marriage and children?

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